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The Acacia pellets are crafted from Acacia timber sawdust, timber chips, timber shreds and bark or branch, via the excessive strain and temperature with the aid of using pellet machine, the give up merchandise may be divided in to distinct length in line with distinct usages.

Beech Wood Pellet is renewable and less harm to our environment. It doesn’t add more carbon dioxide. Beech Wood Pellet is an important source of energy worldwide after coal, oil and natural gas.

Din Hay pellets burn simply in addition to wooden pellets. The performance is calculated with the aid of using the quantity burned minus the ash content, however after burning the ash may be used as ecological fertilizer within side the farming.

DIN industrial- EN plus A2 wood pellets. High-quality wood pellets  are made from environmentally friendly pine wood without additives. They have high-performance characteristics, such as high calorific value, low ash content, and humidity.

DIN Straw pellets, natural, terrific absorbent bedding made mainly for horses and different farm animals. It is freed from dirt and in reality durable product evaluating with shavings and different bedding utilized by farmers and horse enthusiasts.​

DIN PREMIUM pellets are white pellets. Why we separate DIN PREMIUM from DIN white ? Because our clients separate them even there may be no such classification within side the medical research. White pellet  call for is surely huge, however, there isn’t always to be had such loads white  pellets within side the market.

EN Plus A1 is a fine guarantee scheme that applies to each pellet manufactures and distributors, it gives an global regarded framework that places fine on the coronary heart of the manufacturing and distribution process.

Nestro Briquettes are high quality wood briquettes produced with sustainability in mind for wood stoves, log burners, and fireplaces. Nestro Oak Briquettes are high quality wood briquettes produced with sustainability in mind for wood stoves, log burners, and fireplaces.

Oak pellets serve up an appropriate stability of smooth, smoky taste that blends properly with quite a lot everything. Use alone, or department out and take a look at the culinary waters through combining with different pellets which include sweet/smoky taste mixture.

Product meets the quality EU standards for EN Plus A1 quality standard with key points  the ash content is less than 0.7%, moisture content below 10% and calorific value 18.5Gjoule / t or 4.8KWt / kg.  

 EU standards for EN Plus A1 quality standard with key points – the ash content is less than 0.7%, moisture content below 8% and calorific value 18.5Gjoule / t or 4.8KWt / kg. 

Pine wood pellets has high calorific value, Low moisture content, Long burning time and high combustion efficiency. Pine wood pellets release little smoke during combustion. They are long-lived. Pine wood has many commercial uses. 

RUF Briquettes create dense, high-quality bricks out of wood, metal, and sludge that can be reused, recycled, or sold. Wood pellet fuels are made from low-quality tree matter  that is dried and compressed into a pellet shape, much in the same way as briquettes are made.

The Spruce Wood Pellets have a light shade and have an excellent softwood smell. They are known for burning to high temperatures and in a cleaner way. we produce and sell pellets made of pine, spruce and other Austrian wood.

Sunflower husk is an ideal raw material for biofuel pellet processing. Its main ingredient is cellulose, which is a hydrocarbon with high calorific value. Sunflower Meal is the by-product of the extraction of oil from sunflower seeds. 

Woodchips are small- to medium-sized pieces of wood formed by cutting or chipping larger pieces of  wood such as trees, branches, logging residues, stumps, roots, and wood waste. Woodchips may be used as a biomass solid fuel and are raw material for producing wood pulp

Wood shaving is the waste obtained when wood is shaped or planed using carpentry tools or machines like planers and milling machines. Wood shaving does not have a fixed size or shape, but we can customize and create the size.

When first laying “G2BE Energy Europe” Sp. z o. o. wood shavings in your free-range unit the floor should be clean and dry. The bed needs to be maintained to a depth of 20 mm to 50 mm. Too shallow and the bedding will turn sticky.